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On the second day of the european ski-orienteering championships in Obertilliach / Osttirol the "Mixed Relay" took place. During sunshine and challenging conditions Russia wins in front of Sweden and Norway. The Austrians Anna Simkovic and Johan Kugler took the good 10th place.

The second day of competition at the World Ski Orienteering Championship in Osttirol started at 14:00 with outstanding weather. Over the night the trails and paths were newly prepared, because of the fresh snow the conditions were difficult and therefore the competition was very exciting. The mixed sprint relay teams competed in duets, each with a women and a men. Overall, both team members had to run three routes.

In an exciting race the russian duo Alena Trapeznikova and Andrey Lamov won the gold medal. Both Trapeznikova and Lamov finished the sprint competition on Monday in second place. "That was a really difficult race, especially the mass start has made it exciting." says Lamov after the victory. Both have two medals after two days of racing.

The second place goes to Tove Alexandersson and Ulrik Nordberg (+01:10). Alexandersson also won the individual sprint on Monday and now also holds two medals. "The deep snow was challenging, we really wanted to win, but the russian team was better today." says Alexandersson. Her partner Nordberg won the bronze medal on the previous day. The Norwegian team - with Marta Ulvensoen and Öyvind Watt Erdal (+02: 38) - took the bronze medal.

The best Austrian team took the good tenth place in the overall standings. A total of 31 relays started in sprint event on the second day of competition. Tomorrow the third elite competition - the middle distance - will start at 13:30.

1. Russia 1 48:37
2. Russia 2 48:46 (+ 00:09)
3. Sweden 1 49:47 (+ 01:10)
4. Sweden 2 50:49 (+ 02:12)
5. Norway 2 51:15 (+ 02:38)
6. Bulgaria 1 51:26 (+ 02:49)
7. Finland 2 51:30 (+ 02:53)
8. Russia 3 51:35 (+ 02:58)
20. Austria 1 59:21 (+ 10:44)
24 Austria 2 01:09:00 (+ 20:23) (With Lisa Pacher and Roland Fesselhofer)

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