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WC/ EOC 2016 AUT

FIRST CONTROL VISIT      20th -22nd February 2015


                                                                  (IOF Controller Hansruedi Häny and ÖFOL Controller Wolf Eberle)

The IOF Controller HR Häny has inspected the competition area and the whole infrastructure.

Infrastructure is provided by local community, touristic organization and Biathlon Center Obertilliach and is very good.

The Competition area is partly open, but contains several open wooden areas, which can be tracked. The whole area offers outstanding possibilities for exciting and interesting SKI O races.


The following programme proposal was discussed with the organizers:


Saturday, 27th February:    arrival

Sunday, 28th February:      model event

Monday, 29th February:     sprint distance

Tuesday, 1st March:           sprint relay

Wednesday, 2nd March:     long distance

Thursday, 3rd March:         day off

Friday, 4th March:              middle distance (massstart)

Saturday, 5th March:         relay

Sunday, 6th March:           departure  


The infrastructure in the Biathlon Arena is outstanding and easily reachable from the accomodation places in the valley.

An organizing committee has been founded and there has been good planning in all the preparatory work so far.

There were discussions about further approach up to the competitions and certain procedures were determined.

Contact until shortly before the races will be held via phone and e-mail.
The IOF Controller will be personally present from approxamitely Wednesday, 24th February on and accompany the work.




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